Apex Malaysia Growth

Apex Malaysia Growth
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To maximize capital growth over the medium to long-term through a portfolio of principally Malaysian equity securities in all sectors.

Investor Profile

Appropriate for investors seeking capital growth over the medium to long term through investments in equities. These investors have a higher level of risk acceptance in return for the higher level of potential capital growth in such investments.


Notwithstanding the fund's investment objective and policies, from time to time, investments may also be made in short-term instruments, including government or other bonds or money market instruments, when stockmarket conditions are unfavourable or for other short-term liquidity purposes. In addition, the Fund may invest in other forms of investments, such as units or shares in collective invesment schemes, when considered consistent and relevant with the investment objective.

The Manager adopt a "bottom up" investment process, particular attention being given to "top down" factors such as economic, government policies, international trade flows, currency conditions and world-wide industrial operating environments.

The criteria used for choosing an equity investment is one of analysis and judgement. The Manager seeks companies that exhibit good earnings growth potential with attractive valuations as compared to other companies within the same sector. The selection process is based on a three to five years investment horizon. On eof the key attributions is the relative price to growth prospects of the company.

The Manager generally adopts a quality filter process in the stock selection criteria using both internal and external financial analysis, followed by on-site visits. The stock selection criteria are, of course, subject to review as conditions warrant. They basically highlight the following areas:-

- industry market capitalisation
- quality of earnings
- growth potential
- valuation
- balance sheet strength
- cashflow
- quality and strength of management
- product differentiation
- adaptability to changes in the operating environment

The Manager will also be taking advantage of any special situations and mispricing opportunities that may exist in the marketplace. Such opportunities are generally short to medium-term inefficiencies that subsequently correct themselves in the longer-term.

The Manager also uses technical analysis as a timing instrument in the sale and purchase decisions but the Manager will not use such analysis as the sole criteria for choosing investments. The Manager is mindful of the diversification requirement within the portfolio in order to reduce the overall volatility and risk of the Fund.

Fees & Transactions

Fees & Charges
Sales Charge 5.26%
Redemption FeeNone
Switching Fee1%
Free Switches Yearly3
Annual Management Fee1.5%
Transactions (Minimum)
InvestmentInitial: RM2,000
Additional: RM500
Regular InvestmentInitial: RM500
Additional: RM200
Account Balance 1,000 units
Switching 1,000 units


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