Libra Amanah Saham Wanita

Libra Amanah Saham Wanita
Equity Malaysia (Islamic)
Libra Invest Bhd
Investment Manager
Libra Invest Bhd
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The primary objective of the Fund is to offer relatively good and safe capital growth over the long-term period by investing principally in an actively-managed, diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant equities and equity-related securities.

Financial Year End: December 31.
Distribution Policy: Annually, if any.

Investor Profile

  • Investors who are looking for a well diversified investment portfolio in Shariah-compliant equities and equity-related securities with the potential of providing reasonable return, through both capital appreciation and income distribution on their investment, over a long period of time; and
  • Investors who seek to invest in equities and equity-related securities that comply with Shariah requirements but do not have the time or skills to undertake fundamental research and to gather relevant information to guide their investment decision.


The fund manager for ASnita shall generally adopt an active investment strategy which emphasises on appropriate asset allocation, for different market conditions to enhance risk-adjusted returns through riding market cycles, situational opportunities, value emergence and trend reversal plays and asset class rotation.
The fund manager’s strategy is to identify key sectors or groups of Shariah-compliant stocks that the fund manager believes should perform well under an anticipated economic condition. Individual Shariah-compliant stock selection will then focus on well-managed, financially sound companies with attractive relative valuations and potential for high earnings growth over the medium to long-term time frame. The analysis includes ratio analysis on the financial performance of companies, trend analysis to forecast future performance, and stock valuation methods.

Occasionally, when market trading is skewed towards index-linked large capitalized Shariah-compliant stocks, the Fund will attempt to track the performance of the FBM EMAS Shariah Index by adjusting its portfolio composition accordingly.

Fees & Transactions

Fees & Charges
Sales Charge 5.00%
Redemption FeeN/A
Switching FeeNone (This is only applicable to oneINVEST / oneINVEST Islamic investors. The minimum Units allowed for switching is 5,000 units, or such other limit at the Management Company’s discretion.)
Free Switches YearlyN/A
Annual Management Fee1.5%
Transactions (Minimum)
InvestmentInitial: RM5,000
Additional: RM1,000
Regular InvestmentInitial: RM5,000
Additional: RM200
Account Balance 5,000 units
Switching 5,000 units


Fund Documents
Prospectus Refer to company website or branch office.


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