AMB Dana Ikhlas

AMB Dana Ikhlas
Mixed Asset Myr Balanced - Malaysia (Islamic)
Amanah Mutual Bhd
Investment Manager
Mayban Investment Manager Sdn Bhd
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To attain a mix of regular income stream and possible capital growth via investments into listed equities, Islamic debt instruments and other assets that are permissible under the Syariah Principles.

Financial Year End: November 30
Distribution Policy: Annually, if any.

Investor Profile

Suitable for investors who:

  • are seeking a fully managed and balanced portfolio of investments that conforms to the Syariah Principles and
  • has an investment horizon of five years or more.


MDI invests in a wide range of assets that conforms to the Syariah Principles. It aims to increase long term returns by focusing on companies with good earning track records, sound management and having stronger growth potential.

Fixed Income
Investment in this asset class range from short-term government and corporate bonds that conforms to the Syariah Principles. Focus will be on overall credit quality and potential yield.

Depending on the prevailing economic scenario, MDI aims to optimally balance its investments between potentially high return equity investments and lower risk Islamic debt and money market instruments. Specific investments are chosen, mainly those that offer good potentials for income and growth. The Fund Manager will change the Fund's asset allocation mix depending on the prevailing economic conditions and the market outlook for both equity and bond. This strategy aims to reduce risk and achieve consistent returns.

Asset Allocation:

  • Min 20% to Max 70% in Equities
  • Min 20% to Max 70% in Debt Instrument.
  • Min 10% in Cash.

Fees & Transactions

Fees & Charges
Sales Charge 5.00%
Redemption FeeNone
Switching FeeRM25 (Units switched are transacted at the Funds NAV.)
Free Switches YearlyN/A
Annual Management Fee1.35%
Transactions (Minimum)
InvestmentInitial: RM500
Additional: RM100
Regular InvestmentInitial: RM500
Additional: RM100
Account Balance 100 units
Switching 1,000 units


Fund Documents
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