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Pacific Dana Aman
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The Fund aims to achieve consistently above average returns in both income and capital growth over a medium to long-term period by investing in a diversified portfolio of securities which comply with Syariah principles. Aims to achieve a stable income stream with reasonable protection of capital by investing in a diversified portfolio of Islamic debt securities and other liquid assets which comply with Syariah principles. The Fund may also provide some degree of capital growth potential over a medium to long term period.

Financial Year End: March 31.
Distribution Policy: Annually, if any.

Investor Profile

Investors seeking above average income and capital growth over the medium to long term in investments, while abiding by Syariah principles.


To achieve the Fund's objective of providing investors with consistently above average income higher than that of fixed deposit rates and capital appreciation, the Manager normally constructs a diversified investment portfolio that is acceptable under the Syariah principles.

In upholding the spirit of the Islamic concept of fund management, the Manager invests solely in companies that are approved by the Syariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission and in Islamic debt securities permitted by the Syariah. Accordingly, the Fund will not invest in companies that are involved in conventional banking and finance, non-Takaful insurance, gaming, alcoholic beverages and non-halal food products.

The maximum asset allocation of the Fund for equities and equity-related securities is 75% but it may be reviewed from time to time depending on the economic and stock market conditions.

Liquid assets will be maintained at all times at a minimum of 5% of the Fund's NAV.

The liquid assets of the Fund will be in Islamic debt securities and other non-interest bearing assets. Accordingly, Pacific Dana Aman will not purchase bonds, debentures or other interest paying obligations.

While the maximum limit for equity investments is 75%, actual asset allocation varies accordingly to the Manager's investment outlook and investment strategies after taking into consideration the prevailing market conditions. Based on the risk-return profile for the Fund, the neutral asset allocation (or long-term average asset allocation) is expected to be 55% in equities and 45% in liquid assets.


  • Equity Investment Strategy
  • The Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of equities that comply with the Syariah principles.

    The investment strategy is based on a disciplined "top-down" approach to asset allocation and sector allocation, using macroeconomic analysis, market analysis and industry analysis. Stock selection techniques are based on a "bottom-up" approach using business analysis and security valuation analysis. There is significant overlap between the various disciplines governing these processes, with strong interaction between the determination of asset allocation and stock selection.


  • Debt Securities Investment Strategy
  • The Manager's strategy hinges on the need for a well-diversified portfolio and focuses on the credit qualities of securities in the portfolio. The debt securities portfolio construction process is research driven and is based on macroeconomic analysis, interest rate analysis, credit analysis and yield spread analysis. Other than the development of a broad asset allocation model, contributions will be made via active management to capitalise on changes in interest rates, inter-sector yield spreads and yield spreads of specific debt securities.

    Asset Allocation:
    • Min 35% - Max 75% in Syariah approved Equity;
    • Min 10% in Islamic Debt allocation;
    • Min 3% in Cash and liquid assets.

    Fees & Transactions

    Fees & Charges
    Sales Charge 5.50%
    Redemption FeeNone
    Switching FeeNone
    Free Switches YearlyN/A
    Annual Management Fee1.5%
    Transactions (Minimum)
    InvestmentInitial: RM500
    Additional: RM100
    Regular InvestmentInitial: RM100
    Additional: RM50
    Account Balance 500 units
    Switching 1,000 units


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