CIMB-P Global Titans

Fund Key Data
ManagerCIMB-P Asset Mgmt Bhd
Fund TypeEquity: Global
Date Launched July 18, 2005
Approved Fund Size 600,000,000
Fund Price as at September 27, 2016
Buy 0.8051
Sell 0.8051
NAV 0.8051
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To grow the value of your investments over the medium to long term in an equity fund that invests in the global titans market of the US, Europe and Japan with an exposure to Malaysian equities to balance any short-term volatilities.

Financial Year End: March 31
Distribution Policy: Given its investment objective, the Fund is not expected to pay any distribution.

Investor Profile

The recommended investment timeframe for this Fund is five (5) years or more.
This Fund is suitable for investors who:

  • have a long-term investment horizon;
  • want a diversified portfolio that includes exposure to foreign equities;
  • prefer a higher equity exposure for potentially higher capital appreciation over the long-term; and/or
  • can accept that investment returns may fluctuate significantly over the shortterm and may even be negative.


The Fund will invest at least 50% of its NAV in three (3) collective investment schemes, subject to a maximum of 98% of its NAV. The Fund may invest in Malaysian securities but only up to 50% of its NAV. The Fund seeks to give investors a broad exposure to three (3) global regions which attract over 90% of global investment monies in equities. This will be achieved by investing in three (3) PGI funds which invest into these three (3) markets. The Fund will at all times be invested in the three (3) PGI funds, each covering separate geographic regions thus providing diversification and allowing a greater spread of risk. The allocation between the PGI funds is done through a combination of macroeconomic data, liquidity trends and the outlook to overweight or underweight a particular PGI fund. By investing the proper asset allocation between these three (3) PGI funds, the Fund seeks to exploit the low correlation between the Asian markets and the rest of the world.

The investment management function of this Fund has been delegated to CIMBPrincipal (S) with the approval of the SC. CIMB-Principal (S) will be responsible for investing and managing the Fund in accordance with the investment objective and within the investment restrictions.

Fund Information

Fees & Charges
Sales Charge 5.5%
Redemption FeeNone
Switching FeeRM100 (Since switching is treated as a withdrawal from one (1) fund and an investment into another fund, you will be charged a Switching Fee equal to the difference (if any) between the Application Fees of these two (2) funds. Switching Fee will not be charged if the fund to be switched into has a lower Application Fee. In addition, theManager imposes a RM100 administrative feefor every switch made out of a Fund. However, this RM100 administrative fee is waived for the first four (4) switches out of a Fund in every calendar year. The Manager also has the discretion to waive the Switching Fee and/or administrative fees.)
Free Switches Yearly4
Annual Management Fee1.8%
Management Expense Ratio (MER)%
Transactions (Minimum)
InvestmentInitial: RM500
Additional: RM200
Regular InvestmentInitial: RM500
Additional: RM200
Account Balance 500 units
Switching 400 units

Fund Documents
Prospectus Refer to company website or branch office.


Fund Performance

Fund Performance as at 2016-09-27
1 Month Return
6 Month Return 6.97581716715 %
1 Year Return -7.74607539819 %
3 Year Return 34.4971600401 %
5 Year Return 91.3260456274 %
As published in the The Edge-Lipper Fund Performance Ranking Tables


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